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From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 09:06:40: Back in the trenches. Trying not to be too bored. So many more exciting things to think about than work!
  • 09:25:41: Oh noes! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Hide your children, hide your wife!
  • 10:15:12: @effandsteph I haven't had pho in too long. Methinks that may happen sometime this weekend. So glad there are lots of vegan options here.
  • 10:20:06: I now want to go to a restaurant named Pho King Fantastic. Somebody should get on creating one.
  • 10:31:04: Hungry. And now thanks to @effandsteph, I want vegan pho. I will have to settle for spaghetti, though. #sadface
  • 11:59:42: @_Ashbet_ @kshandra There is one in Bellevue, Wa called "what the pho".
  • 13:57:22: I'm pretty sure a comatose monkey could do my job right now.
  • 14:14:18: @Ph03n1xF1r3 @faithmckay 18
  • 14:56:44: RT @faithmckay: watching families at the park. suppose this makes me a creeper type. or a writer type. funny how those often overlap
  • 15:23:34: @mgbuehrlen Nothing wrong with Chucks! They do go with everything. Don't cave to social pressure to buy other shoes!
  • 16:11:04: 11 more days of work after this. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
  • 16:18:08: @backwoodsbabble I'm really rather surprised by the small amount of people who think our new nomadic lifestyle is the dream.
  • 17:49:35: "Out for a walk, bitch. " #noreally
  • 20:13:25: New post up on my blog. Vagabond Life Here I Come.

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